The Czech fashion designer  Aranka Slavíková has the talent to tell amazing stories made of romanticism, poetry and absolute beauty through her magnificent creations. Quality fabrics, precious embroideries and passionate love for details  that always make the difference are the stylistic signature of a designer able in every collection of daydreaming every future bride and the lover of the true beauty tout court.

All thanks to her bridal and ceremony dresses with iconic silhouettes and  sculptural cuts that intensify, with delicacy and grace, the feminine shapes, enhancing natural beauty of each woman.

Harmony and refinement of creation signed by Aranka Slavíková are an authentic hymn not only to femininity but, above all, high tailoring and craftsmanship. Unique and precious décor, absolutely ladylike and elegant rips and necklines are able to made every creation of this Czech true masterpieces of style and grace, in perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

Always looking for new inspirations, since she was a child dreaming to rbecome one day a fashion designer,  Aranka Slavíková creates dresses thinked for a woman who wants to feel protagonist and look beautiful in every occasions.

Her collections are an authentic concentration of good taste, esavoir faire and style that, all together, enhance the clean and rigorous geometries of gowns characterized by ethereal and delicate volumes,

made of the same stuff of dreams. The fit is impeccable as well as the innate talent to fulfill the wishes of all customers, even of the most demanding, who want to shine of pure beauty thanks to creations absolutely enchanting, hypnotic and suggestive.

Elegant, chic and stylish, dresses realized by Aranka Slavíková transmit a subtle feeling of harmony to allow the wearer to feel both sensual and elegant, so much different by its sophisticated verve. Beside delicate laces, organza and silk, absolutely bon chic bon genre, there are also super glam dresses, full of light thank cascades of Swarovski crystals for a brand really dedicated to every woman, from the most minimal chic who feels a true diva.

Also the accessories are very precious and sophisticated and they donate an ethereal and hyper feminine allure to any look thanks their original and cutting edge design.

The creativity of Aranka Slavíková is really without limit and is expressed, as well as in wedding and cerimonial dresses, even in these little delightful sculptures, her accessoires designed for daring and sensual women, who like to challenge the opinion people, well aware of their beauty and uniqueness. Lace and floral inspiration make these creations much more than simple accessoires. Indeed, often they are the focus of an outfit for their ability to attract attention of anyone observe them thanks their original and romantic beauty.


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